Disc Golf

Disc Golf is located in the Zane Dymetryshyn Park and MR 11

The objective of disc golf is to complete a course by throwing a disc into a metal basket in the fewest “throws” (similar to “strokes” in golf). Each player needs at least one disc, but there could be three: a driver (a very flat, fast moving disc designed to glide for long distances), a mid-range (a bit heavier and thicker than drivers, made to be steady, straight flyers) and a putter (the heaviest and thickest discs, built to stand up to hitting the metal baskets). 

Please ensure you follow the rules and etiquette which is posted at the tee in the park and on the score card.

Disc Golf Score Card is a fun way to keep score and stay competitive.  More information and a description on how to play the game can be found at Discover Warman
Disc Golf Score Sheet
Disc Golf Course Map 2019 Park Sign2 with distances