Sport Fields

Booking and general inquiries for all City of Warman facilities can be directed to Customer Service located at The Warman Home Centre Communiplex.

Phone: (306) 933-2210,  


Visit the Facility Schedules and Rentals page for more information.

Ball Diamonds

Arena Diamond - Located on Pacific Avenue by the Diamond Rodeo Arena.

Lion's Park Diamond - Located on the corner of Central Street and 9th Avenue North.

Prairie Oasis Ball Park - Located on 3rd Avenue South and South Railway Street.

Soccer Pitches

Arthur Neufeld Soccer Pitch - Located at the end of 9th Avenue North.

Arthur Neufeld Mini Soccer Pitch - Located just south of the Arthur Neufeld Soccer Pitch at the end of 9th Avenue North.

Diamond Park Soccer Pitch
- Located in the south west corner of the Diamond Hill Park on 4th Avenue North.

Percy Hoff Soccer Pitch - Located across from the Warman Elementary School on 4th Street West.

RJ Gidluck - Located in the RJ Gidluck Park which is south of the Warman Home Centre Communiplex on Centennial Blvd.