Pet Licensing & Animal Services

When do you need a pet license and what is the cost? 

All dogs and cats within the City of Warman require a pet license, which costs $25 for the lifetime of the animal. Licensing your pet helps our bylaw team reconnect you and your lost pet, should they go missing. 

Where can I apply for a pet license? 

You can apply for a pet license in-person at: 

The Warman Home Centre Communiplex (WHCC)

701 Centennial Boulevard

Warman, SK 

S0K 0A1

You can find the pet license form here.

What happens if I don't get a pet license? 

Failure to provide a license for your pet carries a $50 fine. 


What happens when Bylaw finds my lost dog or cat? 

Animals that have been found by our bylaw department are held at the local pound for 72 hours, after which they are moved to the SPCA in Saskatoon. All found animals are posted on the City of Warman's Facebook page with a picture and description of the animal with the location found. Our bylaw department does its best to reach owners before placing found animals in the pound. 

If your pet has been impounded, there is a $25 impound fee, plus an additional $50 per day care fee. If you suspect that your pet has been found, please contact our bylaw department as soon as possible.