Property Assessment and Taxes

Tax Due Dates

The deadline for payment of property taxes is August 31st of each year.


A penalty of 1% will be applied on September 1st to all outstanding account balances and 1% for each month thereafter.

Assessment Process

Property Assessment is the process of determining a property's assessed value for tax purposes as of January 1st of the current tax year.

Taxable Value

Once SAMA has determined the “assessed value” of a property, it is then multiplied by a percentage of value established by the provincial government for that type of property. The result is the property's “taxable value”.
Local municipalities and school divisions then multiply the “taxable value” by their corresponding mill rates to produce property tax levies, and added together with applicable base or minimum taxes for the total tax levy. The classes of property and their percentages of value are:

Mill Rate
Multi-unit residential
Seasonal residential
Commercial and industrial

Annual Assessment

Preparation of the annual assessment roll is usually completed by February or March of each year. Once completed, assessment notices are sent out and it is advertised in the local newspaper and the Clark's Crossing Gazette that the assessment roll is open to the public. All property owners can appeal their assessed value each year, however, only properties with assessment changes will receive a notice by mail.


The Saskatchewan Assessment Management Agency (SAMA) coordinates a full revaluation of all properties in the province every four years. The previous revaluation was completed in 2021 using 2019 as the base year, or the date to which the assessed values are related. The next full revaluation is scheduled for 2025. SAMA provides the City with a “Detailed Property Profile” for each property they assess. Visit MySAMA & SAMAView to create a Public User account and view your property profile details online. SAMA can also be contacted by phone at 306-933-5385.

Assessment Appeals

If you feel an error has been made on your assessment or classification, you can fill out an appeal form, which is enclosed with the assessment notice. You must file your appeal while the roll is open and before the appeal period is over, 30 days or 60 days in a revaluation year. The form must be received in the city office prior to the appeal period closing, in person or by mail to:

  • The Assessor
     City of Warman
     Box 340
     Warman, SK S0K 4S0

There is a $100 fee for residential appeals and a $250 fee for commercial appeals which is refundable if your appeal is successful. This fee must accompany all appeal forms.
Only your property assessment can be appealed, not taxes or mill rates. Appeals cannot be based on the fact that you feel your taxes are too high. The grounds for appeal must be detailed. It is your responsibility to make a case to the board of revision. 

You can also visit the SAMA website

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