Mission, Vision and Statement of Values

The mission, vision and statement of values are the guiding principles for Council and administration at the City of Warman. They help guide long and short term decision making for the organization. 


Warman’s progressive leadership style is committed to building a community through the strength of partnerships in a fiscally responsible and visionary approach, so that we may continue to grow in a managed fashion while preserving and enhancing features that make Warman unique.


The City of Warman seeks to promote and support a high quality of life and opportunities for its stakeholders. Through progressive leadership and a diverse team approach, we envision a safe and caring community. Our citizens, their pride and commitment to our community, will always be the path to our success.

Statement of Values 

 1. The City of Warman endeavours to achieve the highest community standard in an effort to champion principles of leadership, influence and accountability in the municipal field through new ideas, collaboration and creative approaches.

2. The City of Warman values growth opportunities to achieve fiscal stability for the benefit of all citizens. The city will therefore, endeavour to make decisions that provide safe service levels, economic benefits and long-term solutions that promote continuous growth. We are committed to planning for the future and value the provision of infrastructure and maintenance of the facilities within the City of Warman.

3. The city will be cost conscious. As a local government, we will provide stewardship wisely and effectively for the benefit of all.

4. In the City of Warman, all visitors, citizens, and employees will be treated with dignity, respect, and fairness.

5. The City of Warman values fairness through encouragement of ideas through stakeholder input and collaborative discussion to result in effective action, to produce honest, ethical, and transparent decisions.

Our Mission Statement, Vision & Statement of Values