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In the event of a hazard, it is important that you stay calm and keep informed. The following links provide valuable information regarding possible hazards for Warman and area.
Hazardous Materials
Transportation Accident
Winter Storms

Is your family prepared?

In Saskatchewan, the Ministry of Corrections, Public Safety and Policing is the lead agency for the province on public safety and security. It works closely with local authorities, as well as the federal and other provincial and territorial governments, to share information and develop emergency plans and strategies to ensure the safety and security of our communities.

The two most common natural and human-caused risks and hazards that occur in Saskatchewan are floods and wild land fires. The province is also exposed to other risks and hazards, such as blizzards, droughts and tornadoes.

The above information is found in "Your Emergency Preparedness Guide". To obtain a copy, contact City Hall or visit their website: Get Prepared

Emergency Operations Centre

In 2014 the city of Warman saw the implementation and development of a new emergency operation center (EOC). Built in the Warman fire station, the EOC is the centralized location where City Council, staff and emergency operation personnel meet to address, mitigate and resolve emergencies affecting the City during and following a disaster. The emergency operation center is designed to operate for 24 hours a day, seven days a week and can be staffed within minutes if needed.

City Council and Staff have undergone EOC training and, along with EMO coordinator Randy Meginbir, will be introducing an Emergency Notification System for the City in 2015. The system is designed to provide notifications, such a boil water advisory, to citizens in a fast and efficient fashion. To receive notifications, citizens will be required to opt-in for the service, which is an integral step ensuring Warman continues to be a safe and healthy community for everyone.
Emergency Operation Centre

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