Community Grant Program

Application Guidelines:

For Projects taking place
April 1st of current year to March 31st of following year.
Application deadline – 4:30 p.m. March 30th of current year


The purpose of this grant is to assist in the development and provision of sport, recreation and cultural programs by providing funds to non-profit community organizations operated by volunteers.

The Community Grant Program is guided by the following:
  • It provides access to sport, culture and recreation activities for all Saskatchewan people regardless of age, sex, ethnicity, economic status, physical or mental ability.It provides funds to community non-profit volunteer organizations in support of sport, culture and recreation programs.
  • It allows communities to establish priorities and
  • It stipulates that all participating groups, from administration to beneficiary, are responsible for ensuring complete and accurate accounting.
For more information on the Community Grant Program please view the following documents.
Follow-Up Deadline: April 15th of current year

Follow-up Form

Follow-up Reports are due within 60 days of completion of your project or no later than April 15th of current year, whichever comes first. Failure to meet this deadline may affect the committee’s view of your status for future applications.

For more information regarding this program please contact

Coralie at 933-2129 or by email