KidSport and Jumpstart

KidSport & Canadian Tire Jumpstart

Applications are accepted for children 18 and under who are lacking the financial resources to participate in sport. Grants provide financial support for community programs, registration or membership fees, and/or necessary equipment. The applications are reviewed and approved by the local Warman KidSportâ„¢ committees.

Guidelines for Recreation Funding to Individual Participants

Support provided by KidSport/Canadian Tire Jumpstart to individuals is designed to address the financial obstacles that prevent youth from participating in sporting activities.
  • Priority will be given to payment of participation / registration fees.
  • Preference is given to participants who are being introduced into organized sport.
  • Children 18 and under only are considered eligible for financial support.
  • Participant may not receive more than $750 in a calendar year.
  • Travel to playoffs, championships, etc. is not an eligible expense.
  • Funds are allocated throughout the calendar year.
  • Availability of funding is limited.
  • KidSport/Canadian Tire Jumpstart issues funds to a league, association, or school on behalf of the participant.

Intercommunity Development Group

This group raises money for KidSport as well as an arts, culture, and recreation fund for all children in our communities. Our committee has put on a variety of events, such as Go Girl, Roughrider Trip, Community Scavenger Hunt, and KidSport Month. All money raised stays in the communities and is accessible for children under 18 years old.

Total funds granted are based on funds raised in each community. An application is required to apply to receive financial assistance, which can be obtained from the Legends Centre or City Hall.

Details to Submit Applications for Recreation Funding

Applications for recreation funding are taken year round. For more information please contact Coralie at (306) 933-2129 or
by email:

Applications must be endorsed by an adult. The endorser acts as an objective third party from the community who is familiar with the family and can assess the financial barriers facing the family. The adult endorser must be either a professional from health, social work, family services; or a teacher, principal, community police officer, member of clergy, or dream broker.