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I am very proud to be the first Mayor for the City of Warman.

From the first time I came to visit Warman over 30 years ago it has been very apparent Warman's charm comes from it's people.  The residents of Warman welcomed my family back then, and they continue to share their friendly community with all who come to live here or visit this fine City.  I am pleased to  have this kind of oppurtunity to share on a monthly basis, the good news and positive actions taking place in our community, the City of Warman.  Grab a cup of coffee and read on what is current and happening in the City of Warman.

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Jun 26

Graduation 2014

Posted on June 26, 2014 at 11:23 AM by Kietha Swenson


Grad 2014.jpgI had the good fortune to attend the Warman High School Graduation on June 25th, 2014. The sun was out which was a bonus to have the weather cooperate for the Graduation festivities.

Mr. Collins, Warman High School Principal, welcomed everyone andMichael Collins.JPG gave a wonderful farewell to the students.  He extended his thanks to the community businesses, community groups and individuals that contributed financially in supporting the continued education grants. This year
$35,000.00 was given out to students to further their education goals. What a great community effort in stepping up and assisting our students with these donations as they embark on their chosen career paths. A huge THANK YOU to you all. It is this kind of special programing that shows how unique Warman's partnerships really are.

Pic of RCMP and Validictorian.pngThe Graduating Class of 2014 Valedictorian, Tanner Bayne, gave a terrific tribute to his fellow graduates. Both humorous and touching.  Tanner shared a great message.

Tanner Bayne receiving the Brian King Award

(photo credit:  Sandy Lockhart Photography)  

The City of Warman and Warman Recreation Committee gave out
four scholarships this year to Tanner Bayne, Samantha Barkway, Tanner Bollenbach and Delaynie Letrud.

Congratulations to all and we wish you much success as you continue your studies.

Having a graduation celebration in our 'hometown', well, home city' of Warman, has been a goal of ours for many years. So you, the Graduating Class of 2014, have made history being the first group of dashing young gentleman and beautiful young ladies to host your special celebration in this fantastic Legends Centre. Graduates never take for granted what you have accomplished here. Your hard work and determination has brought you to this point. Along with the guidance of your teachers and parents you have completed your grade 12 education. You are now poised and ready to take the next big leap into your future. What lies ahead is exciting, very exciting, but you may also feel a little anxious not knowing where your path will lead. If there is any one thing I would want to share with you, it would be to embrace your life, you only have one chance at it, so live it to its fullest. If you should fall, and you will, don't worry about it. Get up, brush yourself off and continue on.

hats flying.jpg

Yesterday's ‘Cap’ ceremony was a magical moment for you and for all who have shared this journey with you. Don't forget the lessons learned, take them and hold them close as you never know when you will need them again!

2014 Graduates, we honor you and wish you all the best as you move ahead in your life.

From Mayor, Council, City Staff and the community of Warman we most heartily congratulate you all.

Your OWN life begins now. Embrace it, live it and best of all enjoy the ride of your life'.

"The fireworks begin today. Each diploma is a lighted match.

Each one of you is a fuse." 



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