Off-Leash Dog Park

Warman Off-Leash Dog Park

Is located on Central Street on the east side of the city, and offers just over 20 acres of open space for owners to take their dogs for their much-needed physical activity. The dog park is fully fenced and offers walking paths, doggie bags, and disposal stations, to keep the park neat (dog owners are responsible to pick up after your pet), and a small beach area with a pond.  The park is for licensed pets only, and owners must have access to a leash. If there is an altercation between dogs, dogs must be leashed and owners and dogs must leave immediately. All owners must abide by the bylaws. 

If you require a pet license, they can be purchased from The Warman Home Centre Communiplex for a lifetime fee of $25.00. The Warman Home Centre Communiplex is located at 701 Centennial Blvd.


Use of the Off-Leash Area is at your own risk. Owners are responsible and liable for all actions and behaviors of their dogs at all times

All dogs must have a valid dog license/tag, wear a collar, and be vaccinated.

All dogs must be leashed entering and exiting the fenced area.

A leash must be with you at all times

Disposal of dog waste is required immediately in the provided waste stations.

The City of Warman is not responsible for any injuries to dogs, their handlers, or others who may be in the park.

Any person bringing a dog into this off-leash area assumes the legal responsibility, to the owner of the dog for any damage, disease, or injury to persons, other dogs, property, caused by the dog. 

All persons using the facility, by entering it, agree to indemnify the City of Warman and hold the City harmless from any harm resulting from using the off-leash area.


Bylaw Enforcement at 306-933-0007 for Bylaw Related Issues.

BYLAW NO. 2013 - 27 Animal Control Bylaw can be found at

To report vandalism or maintenance please call 306-933-2210

Dog Park