Your Utility Bill

The monthly utility bill that  residents receive from the CIty of Warman includes the costs associated with water, sewer and recycling for the home. All of the costs included on monthly utility bills are reviewed on an annual basis. 

Having difficulty understanding your utility bill? Have a look at this example invoice: HOW TO READ YOUR UTILITY BILL


By enrolling in the Utility Monthly Pre-Authorized Payment Program you authorize the City of Warman to automatically withdraw the full amount of your utility bill from your financial institution to pay for your utility bill. The full amount of the bill is automatically withdrawn on the 25th of each month.  You will continue to receive bill copies for your records.

Who can join the PAP program? 

You can join the PAP Program if:
*  your current utility account is at a zero balance
*  you have no arrears from a previous utility account
*  you have banking privileges at your financial institution
*  your completed application is received two (2) weeks prior to the withdrawal date

How do I join the PAP Program?

To join, you must complete the Utility Monthly Pre-Authorized Payment Program form in full and return it to City Hall via mail, in person, or by email.

City of Warman Utility Dept.
107 Central St W
Box 340
Warman, SK  S0K 4S0
E-mail to:

NSF/Missed Payments

If funds are not available when the payment is withdrawn, the City of Warman will apply a Bank Fee of $20.00 to
your utility account.  You will receive written notification of the bank returned item and be requested to pay the
amount, including Bank Fee.  Under no condition will the City continue to withdraw funds unless the invoice and fee
are paid in full.  After two (2) such dishonoured payments, you will be removed from the PAP Program.  Penalties will
be applied to accounts taken off the PAP Program that fall into arrears.

Change of banking information

You must notify the City of Warman in writing and  provide a completed Changes to Utility Monthly  PAP Program  
Form.  To ensure the next payment is taken from the new account, the new information must be received no later
than two (2) weeks prior to the withdrawal date.

To terminate

To terminate from the PAP Plan, you must notify the City of Warman two (2) weeks prior to the next payment and
complete the Changes to Utility Monthly PAP Program Form.

If you move

The PAP Plan is not automatically transferred or cancelled.  If you wish to have the PAP Plan on your new Warman Utility account,
you must notify the City two (2) weeks prior to the next payment and fill out the Changes to Utility Monthly PAP Program Form.


Cut out the paper and do your part to help the environment by signing up for utility ebilling. 

If you wish to receive all of your future billings by email please fill out our ebilling application form and either email your request to: or drop your completed form off at City Hall.

Please ensure to include your name, street address, email address and account number in your request.

For more information please contact the City of Warman Utility Clerk at 306-933-2133.

How to read your meter

The City of Warman staff will read your meter for billing purposes, but should you wish to monitor your own consumption, here’s how:

  • Shine a flashlight over the flashlight icon (located on the register) to turn the LCD display on
  • Take a reading at a set time of the day
  • Take a 2nd reading at the same time the next day
  • The difference between the two readings is your daily water consumption

Check out the following link for a more detailed subscription: How to read your meter

Is your water rate higher than expected? Please use the following checklist to go through some common issues that may be affecting your water consumption: 


Contact Us

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    Utility Clerk

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    Box 340
    Warman, SK S0K 4S0

    Ph: (306) 933-2133
    Fax: (306) 933-1987


    Monday - Friday
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