As of 2017, Warman was officially the fastest growing municipality in Canada. This growth has been fueled largely by young families, with the average resident being 32.4 years of age, in a household consisting of just under 3 (2.9) individuals. A robust housing market, characterized by larger than average lots and comparable home prices, has helped Warman become the No. 1 place for families to call home. A strong and growing business community has developed, taking advantage of Warman's low corporate tax framework (2017 increase of 1.77%) and business tax incentive program with continued opportunities in retail, light industrial and manufacturing. Interested business owners are encouraged to contact our economic development department with any investment inquiries.

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Making an investment requires the right tools and planning. Here are a few documents pertinent to Warman's local market that can help you plan! 

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Notable Information

  • The City of Warman has experienced exponential growth over the past two decades. Since the last census the city has seen a population increase in excess of 55%. The most current population estimate for 2017 is 11,500.
  • The majority of the community's more recent growth can be contributed to younger families. The average Warman resident is just over 32 years old, married with one child residing in the house. Roughly 70% of the residents in Warman are between the ages of 15 - 64.
  • The split between men and women is almost exactly 50%, with 5,580 residents identifying as male, compared to 5,435 identifying as female. The number of individuals aged 5 - 9 in Warman is even between males and females (505 for each). Similarly, individuals aged 60 - 64 were evenly split at 230.
  • The average estimated household income for Warman's trade area (roughly 20 kilometres in each direction of the city) is $97,629.
  • The top 3 expenditures for the average Warman household are:
    1. Shelter
    2. Transportation
    3. Food
  • The median price for a home in the city in 2016 was $409,900.