Official Community Plan

Warman's Official Community Plan

The plan is intended to guide growth and development for the City of Warman to a population of approximately 44,000 by 2034. Policies that address the potential future development of areas outside the current limits of the city indicate future intent and such policies should be considered by the R.M. of Corman Park when development proposals are received for these areas and for regional planning purposes. All development within the city shall conform to the objectives and policies of this OCP.

The policies of this Official Community Plan apply to all lands within the City of Warman and all development within the city boundary will conform to the objectives and policies of the plan. Policies that reference future development of areas outside current limits of the city indicate future intent and such policies will only apply at such a time as these areas are annexed into the city. Identification of areas for future growth is intended to facilitate appropriate growth and development of the urban centre. There should be open communication and discussion between the city and the R.M. of Corman Park to ensure proper coordinated planning for both municipalities.

In accordance with The Planning and Development Act, 2007 Section 8, where applicable, the OCP policies have been made consistent with provincial land use policies. Statements of Provincial Interest have been incorporated into the various policy sections. These statements are intended to reflect the Province of Saskatchewan’s position regarding the related planning issues.

This plan is designed to assist decision makers in securing current and future goals of the community while evaluating the future effects of decisions regarding land use planning. The Official Community Plan is intended to identify planning and development issues, conditions and trends, opportunities and constraints in the following areas:

  • physical / natural environment
  • population / demographics
  • residential housing / dwelling characteristics
  • existing and future urban land use
  • infrastructure and servicing
  • application review and development regulation
Development applications will not be approved unless they meet the policies described within this document.

The OCP is intended to guide the growth and development of the City of Warman, and the objectives and policies herein contained apply to all lands within the jurisdictional boundaries, and all development within these boundaries are required to conform to the plan. The plan recognizes the following principles;

  • economic diversity, economic security, and fiscal responsibility
  • environmental protection and stewardship
  • equity in land use decisions and a fair distribution of community services and resources
  • efficient use of land, infrastructure and other resources in the city
  • accommodating growth and change
  • decision making based on democratic institutions and public consultation
The interpretation of this plan calls for the exercise of good judgement and discretion in a manner that balances the achievement of long-term objectives with the specific circumstances associated with a particular land use, subdivision, or development application. The policies and guiding principles included in the plan are intended to provide guidance and direction in the evaluation of applications, and in general are not intended to be solely used to prescribe site-specific land use and/or other design regulations.

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