Mission, Vision and Statement of Values

The mission, vision and statement of values are the guiding principles for Council and administration at the City of Warman. They help guide long and short term decision making for the organization. 


The City of Warman embraces growth in a sustainable fashion while balancing affordability. We provide the highest quality of services to ensure Warman is the best place in the province to live, work, play and invest. 


The City of Warman is a safe and caring community. We foster a culture of innovation and growth and provide unlimited opportunities for our citizens and stakeholders as part of a thriving region. 

Statement of Values 

1. The City of Warman promotes a culture of excellence and strives for continuous improvement in its governance, services and facilities.

2. The City of Warman treats all visitors, citizens, and employees with dignity, respect, and fairness.

3. The City of Warman encourages ideas and collaboration through stakeholder input that results in effective, ethical, and transparent decision-making. 

4. In the City of Warman embraces growth. We are committed to planning for the future, and developing the infrastructure to support and stimulate continued growth. 

5. The City of Warman is cost conscious and focused on value. We provide wise and effective stewardship of our resources for the benefit of all.