Utility Rates

Water & Sewer Rates

Utility Type
Monthly Rates
Overage Rates
Water* $37.03 for 0 to 1,750 gallons  $21.16 per 1,000 gallons
Residential Sewer*
$10.00 minimum 20% of water
Commercial Sewer*
$10.00 minimum 30% of water
Recycling $5.70 n/a

Conversion Guide

Units Conversion Rate
Meters to gallons
Multiply by 219.975
Cubic feet to gallons
Multiply by 6.23
Cubic to meters
Multiply by 35.314
*Water, Sewer and Recycling are billed on a monthly basis. A minimum charge is billed to all properties using 0 - 1,750 gallons of water and whose services is turned on at the street. If water service is not required, please contact City Hall to have your service shut off at the street.

To view the Utility Policy: Warman Utility Policy - Amended June 2017